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Uploader v1.30

By ideamans
Posted February 10, 2014, in Theme: Business site.


Uploader for Movable Type is a plugin that offers easier and more secure site maintenace by adding a function that separates a testing public server from the actual public server.

Preview content in a test environment and once approved, send the content to the public server with a click of a button. Website synchronization made even easier if the testing server and the public server are located in the same environment.

Features / Functions

  • Publish approved content from a staging environment
  • Send blog files to a remote server using FTP transfer / rsync file synchronization on the same server / download compressed files
  • Batch replacement of a specified character string in the file name when transfering files
  • cron based scheduled deployment


* Movable Type 5.00 (and higher) * Dynamic publishing is not supported * Cannot be used with MTOS ### License Price 120,000 yen** **


Movable Type versions: Japanese only

Language Note

Uploader or its documentation is not fully localized into English. If you are interested in using Uploader but require additional translation, please let us know by e-mailing