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Webiki v1.1.1

By Alan M. Carroll
Posted March 14, 2006, in Editing.


Wiki style automatic linking for MovableType. A post can be marked with a WebikiWord. When that word is used in another post, it is converted to a link to the marked post. The link text is by default the title of the marked post, but it can be overridden. Webiki supports associating an arbitrary URL with a Webiki word. This can be used to link to a frequently used target. For instance, I use it so that whenever I type "MovableType", it links to the MovableType website.

Webiki supports tags to enable stepping through all posts marked with a specific Webiki word, which can be used to put specific posts in special lists (such as, announcement posts in the sidebar).

Webiki supports use of webiki words across weblogs in the same installation. The weblogs to search can be configured per weblog.


Movable Type versions: 4.3