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Widget Saver v1.0.3

By Dan Wolfgang
Posted January 28, 2010, in Administrative Interface.


If you’re a heavy user of Template Sets and Widget Sets, you may have discovered the same annoyance I have: Widget Sets are refreshed, just like every other template, which is a problem if it’s been reorganized. And that inviting drag-n-drop Widget Set interface means it likely has been reorganized!

This plugin adds two checkboxes to the Template Refresh screen: Save the Widget Sets, and Save the Widgets. Enabled by default, they will cause the Template Refresh to ignore any existing Widget Sets or Widgets. Ta da!


Dan Wolfgang

Dan is an engineering creative and uses his vast knowledge of the web to solve unique client problems with specialized solutions. Complex or straightforward, his focus is to find the most efficient, functional, elegant, and stable solutions for each project. 10 years in web engineering and 14 more in the print publishing industry give him a special insight to the needs, restrictions, and workflows of content publishers, both traditional and new media. Dan is an active Movable Type community member who has written and contributed to countless plugins including some of the most popular: More Custom Fields, Poll Position, and Asset Image Quality.

Twitter: @danwolfgang