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FiscalYearlyArchives 7

The fiscal yearly archive is added. Starting month can be specificated every site. Default starting month is April….

GoogleOpenIDConnect 6.16.2

This plugin provides commenter authentication mechanism by Google OpenID Connect….

Picasa Express Verified

Easily insert photos from Picasa Web Albums into blog entries. This plugin also wraps images in some HTML to accommodate a caption for nicer display given proper CSS styles….

FastestPreview 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables Movable Type to synchronize preview and editing screens….

MappingBasedArchive 6.0 Verified

This plugin provides “Path Based” archive mapping.



  • You can group entries by output path.
  • You can use custom field’s value easily for path of “Path Based” archive mapping.
    • Well supported types
      • Drop Down Menu
      • Radio Buttons
  • You can use the AnotherCustomFields (Japanese only plugin instead of the custom field.
  • Not only you can use the custom field’s value directory, but also you can use the range of the value.
  • You can sort archive by any value.
  • You can set a title of archive by the settings of a mapping.

SushiForTinyMCE 5.26.0

A plugin that adds the “Sushiyuki” Line sticker set to the Movable Type rich text editor. Once added, simply click the insert button to include these popular and cute stickers to any draft….


BuildTracer is Movable Type template visualizer. It helps with the writing, performance tuning, and analysis of MT templates. BuildTracer logs the rebuild sequence of each MT generated page, visualizes the block structure of MT tags, and shows how long each tag takes to publish in an individual template.

Video Transcoder 6.0 Japanese only

Add video conversion functions with Amazon Elastic Transcoder. Amazon Elastic Transcoder converts video content directly through the API, without the need for AWS command line tools, and can be used over a large number of servers. After installation, use the…

Config Assistant Verified

The Config Assistant plugin is a powerful platform plugin which significantly reduces the work necessary to create and deploy Movable Type plugins and themes.

Send to Publish Queue

This plugin provides administrators with the ability to republish a blog through the Publish Queue. Send to Publish Queue can be used to republish one or many blogs.

Ajax Ratings Pro

Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog.

XmlScraper Japanese only

A plugin that scrapes XML/HTML files from MT templates and retrieves nodes in XPath format.

RebuildRelatedObjects 6.0

Rebuild related entries or pages. Usage Step 1 : Create the related entry / web page ID field Provide a field where the related entry to the current entry or page is stored. This field can either be an existing…

MTViewer 6.0

This plugin enables publishing archive dynamically.

ExtendPlainEditor 5.26.0

A plugin that adds buttons to the Movable Type 6 plain editor. Compatibility Although the plugin has only been confirmed for Movable Type 6.0.3, it should work with Movable Type 5.2 or higher as long as the system folder contains…

More Listing Framework Columns ?

Movable Type’s Listing Framework is a fantastic way to get an overview and review content — it’s responsible for the “Manage” screens. The column sorting and filtering options are very powerful!

You may have noticed, however, that not all content is visible on the Listing Framework screens. This plugin adds more columns to the Listing Framework, including Custom Fields!

By default, user-created Listing Framework filters are available to only the user that created them. Any user can access them through System Overview > Listing Filters, however this is less convenient than simply having them available on the screen they are for. So, this plugin will also make any user-created filter available to all users, making it easy to share filters with all users.

NotifyList 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables providing Movable Type email notification support.

Website & Blog Organizer Verified

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to reorganize the website and blog hierarchy. This can be especially useful after upgrading from Movable Type 4, before websites were introduced.

Default Category Verified

This plugin lets you specify a default category for entries. There’s not much more to it than that.

CharmapForTinyMCE 5.26.0

Using charmap functionality, easily select HTML special characters from a character palette and insert them to the TinyMCE based editor.

A-Form to Salesforce Japanese only

Our “A-Form to Salesforce” add-on (includes MT plugins A-Form, A-Member, and A-Reserve) allows the user to easily take contact data collected through Movable Type corporate websites and use it alongside the popular SaaS/Cloud CRM (customer management) service, Salesforce.

A-Form Payment Japanese only

A-Form Payment is a Movable Type plugin that allows the addition of commerce related forms (calculate total purchased form and payment method form) to your website. Combine A-Form and A-Form Payment to more easily add simple shopping features to any…

A-Reserve Japanese only

A-Reserve is a plugin that adds date and time reservation functions to Movable Type websites. Examples of situations where a reservation might be required include: restaurants, spas, hotels, clinics, and sports facilities, among many others. Collect reservation information with a…

A-Member Japanese only

A-Member is a Movable Type plugin designed to help build and operate a member registration website. Functions / Features Restrict access to content with ID and Password verification (password up to 8 characters) Displays a successful log in message upon…

Movable Type 6 html5slides Japanese only

html5slidesを使ってMovable Type 6のウェブサイトまたはブログでプレゼンテーションが出来るテンプレートです。簡単なプレゼン作成やウェブでのプレゼン資料公開に最適です。 ウェブサイトにも記事を書くことが出来るMovable Type 6に対応しました。2種類のテンプレートで以下の3つの構成で利用できます。 ウェブサイトの記事をスライドデータとして、ウェブサイトにプレゼンテーションを公開 ウェブサイト配下にあるブログの記事をスライドデータとして、ウェブサイトにプレゼンテーションを公開 ブログの記事をスライドデータとして、ブログにプレゼンテーションを公開 基本的にオンラインで使用しますが、インターネットが利用できる環境であればローカルにインストールしてプレゼンすることもできます。…

Entry Exporter Japanese only

Easily import and export single entries to and from Movable Type….

Theme Assistant Verified

If you are familiar with the Melody/Endevver approach to theming with Movable Type 4, you are also likely familiar with the Theme Manager plugin. Theme Manager did a lot of great things to make themes more manageable on Movable Type…

A-Form to Entry Japanese only

A-Form to Entry is a plugin that takes forms created by the “A-Form” plugin and either inserts the form into a blog entry or publishes it. Functions / Features A-Form allows you to easily post an entry from as a…

GiphyType 6.0

Add some flava to your blog with the Giphy MoveableType plugin!! Animated GIFs are a proven way to improve traffic, increase time on site, and promote sharing on social media platforms. Don’t take our word for it, blogs have already utilized Giphy GIFs to boost the popularity of their posts. Adding a GIF with the Giphy plugin couldn’t be easier. Just click the Giphy logo button in the text editor, search or browse via tags to find GIFs, and click on a GIF to get a better view. Once you’ve found the GIF you want, simply click the “Embed into Post” button, and, voila!, the GIF is automatically inserted into your post.

A-Form PC Japanese only

Create forms with drag and drop interface. Supports name, e-mail address, telephone number, address (with validation), file upload and more. Smartphone compatible….

PerlDynamic Japanese only

A plugin that allows for dynamic publishing through the Movable Type Perl engine. Performance is slightly different to the standard dynamic publishing capabilities offered through Movable Type. Any currently installed plugins and templates can be used as is without the…

SearchEntries Japanese only

This plugin allows for more flexible blog entry searches by using template tags to specify search conditions. Search not only entry content, but tags, categories, and custom fields as well. This plugin is also compatible with Data API based searches…

RandomArray 6.0

This plugin takes random values from a Movable Type array and returns these values as a new array. ### Download This plugin can be downloaded from the following link: bit-part/mt-plugin-RandomArray ### Usage This plugin is very simple to use,…


MultiFileUploader is a Movable Type plugin that allows for multiple files to be uploaded at once. This plugin can also automatically resize multiple uploaded images and add pre-specified tags. Usage Once the plugin is installed, the “Create new” item from…


MailPack is a plugin that allows you to post blog entries by email, either on your mobile phone or on your PC. Post blog entries to Movable Type simply by sending an email. (A mail box, like Gmail, is required…

CachePerms 5.15.2

The CachePerms plugin is designed to improve performance on the admin screen. This plugin helps to speed up process time from non-administrative users, and allows editors to post blog entries on the same level as administrators….


This plugin can be used to move web pages or blog entries to other blogs, as well as duplicate entries or web pages. Note: Comments, trackback, and categories cannot be duplicated. Once an entry or web page has been moved…

AssetThumbnailURLLimitSize 5.15.2

This plugin creates thumbnail versions of images while keeping their aspect ratio intact. Usage Function Tags <$MTAssetThumbnailURLLimitSize$> Attribute width - specify the maximum width in pixels height - specify the maximum height in pixels…

ValidateWithoutRestart 5.15.2

When using Movable Type with FastCGI, there are times when you might need to disable or enable a plugin, and the effects created by these actions cannot be seen until after the web server is restarted. With this plugin, if…

AssetImageEditor 5.15.2

AssetImageEditor adds Pixlr or Pixlr Express image editing software to Movable Type, allowing users to directly edit uploaded images. Compatibility Movable Type 5.13 (confirmed) Set-Up System Settings In system plugin settings, “Select Editor”, by default, is set to “No editor”….

SkeletonCartConnector Japanese only

PHPで動作するHTMLテンプレート式ショッピングカート SKELETON CARTと、Movable Typeを連携させるプラグインです。 SKELETON CARTは、商品ページ生成機能/在庫管理機能などの「管理画面」機能を持っていません。 Movable Type用の本プラグインと、SKELETON CART用の別プラグイン(MTDBConnector)を利用することで、Movable Typeでそれを補うことが可能となり、ASPショッピングカートや他のショッピングカートプログラムを利用するのに比べ、管理画面を一元化できることがメリットになります。…

MoreAnalytics 6.0

After connecting Movable Type 6 and Google Analytics, the MoreAnalytics plugin analyzes access data collected by Google Analytics and displays this information on the MT6 admin screen.

Uploader Japanese only

Uploader for Movable Type is a plugin that offers easier and more secure site maintenace by adding a function that separates a testing public server from the actual public server. Preview content in a test environment and once approved, send…

CheckRelease Japanese only

CheckRelease for Movable Type is a plugin that adds a work flow function to Movable Type. After the Writer creates and saves a blog entry, the entry is then passed on to the Editor who checks the content before publication….

SpecificCategory 6.0

Used alongside the SpecificCategory tag, this plugin is used to set specific category text. Usage Example <mt:SpecificCategory> Do something. </mt:SpecificCategory> `</pre> ## Modifiers ### id The id modifier specifies the category ID for use when selecting a specific category. If…

DashboardNotification 6.0 Japanese only

This plugin allows the administrator to display messages on the Movable Type 6 admin screen dash board that will be shown to all relevant MT users. The publish date and unpublish date for the message can be set when the…

CustomFieldEx Japanese only

This plugin provides new types of custom fields for use. Each field can be customized with input restrictions such as character limitation (ex. max-length=10), alphanumeric characters only, and unique value checks.

DefaultButtonsForTinyMCE 5.2 Verified

This plugin adds buttons to the standard Movable Type TinyMCE standard set-up without requiring CSS. Settings Screen…

CodeMirrorComplete 5.15.2 Verified

This plugin completes MT tags and MT tag modifiers on the Movable Type template editing screen. Features / Functions Completable Objects * Tag names (including tags included with plugins and custom fields) Modifier names Values passed to the modifier Variable…

SexyColorExtractor 6.0 Verified

This plugin provides template tags to automatically generate appropriate color codes from images uploaded in Movable Type. This can allow easy generation of styles to match images. Functions / Features Extract color codes from any image The following color codes…

P-M-Auth-Basic 6.0 Verified

This plugin provided basic authentication mechanism using with Movable Type user information.

P-M-AliasedSearch 6.0 Verified

This plugin creates alias search conditions for mt-search.cgi….

DataAPIPublicCache 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables to cache Data API public response via .htaccess.

DisableRebasename 6.0

DisableRebasename is Movable Type Plugin. This plugin can disable changing a basename at edit entry.

Republish by Asset

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to republish Entries and Pages based upon Asset use. Here’s a scenario: you’ve updated the Asset — perhaps with a new Label or Description — and now you need to republish the…

SetDefaultCategory 6.0

The SetDefaultCategory plugin can be used to set default categories for Movable Type entries.

We Tags 4.3

Configuration Settings WeTagsLoginRequired Require logged in user to add tags through the community pack. Defaults to 1. WeTagsRebuildEntries Rebuild tagged entries (in the background if possible). Defaults to 1. Tags None UI Changes None Comments application changes Added add_tag method….

Preview Share

Preview Share plugin for Movable Type As the name says, the Preview Share plugin for Movable Type allows authors to share Entry previews with others. When previewing an Entry a new button labeled “Share Preview” is available — click it…


This plugin provides a JSON interface to theme developers who wish to enable AJAX logins on their web site. What good is an AJAX login experience you ask? Well, such an experience would allow for a login form to be presented in a lightbox, or through some other javascript effect. It would allow your readers to login to a page without ever leaving the page.

Asset Image Quality

The Asset Image Quality plugin for Movable Type gives you the opportunity to control the file size of automatically generated JPEG image assets. When resized image assets are used, you may notice that the file size is quite large —…

Checkout Japanese only

Check out features like Dreamweaver.


The Messaging plugin for Movable Type provides a Twitter-like messaging system that allows a user to post and view status updates.

Action Stream: Newsfeed ?

The Action Streams plugin is great, but one area it causes trouble for some users is that there is no Atom or RSS feed service. The closest option is to use the Website service and hope that auto-discovery will find the feed you want, but there are many circumstances where that simply isn’t a feasible option. This plugin remedies that with Atom and RSS services.

Remove Objects

The Remove Objects plugin provides a way for administrators to easily delete objects in Movable Type.

Publishing Priorities

This plugin provides the means to fine-tune a template’s priority. Additionally, this plugin provides an option to make a gross adjustment to the entire blog’s priority, useful to prioritize at a more global level.


This plugin adds a ConfigDirective tag to Movable Type. You can use it to display the value of any configuration directive found in the mt-config.cgi file.

AMPMTime Verified

A Movable Type plugin that transforms the time custom field in Movable Type’s backend into a dropdown with AM/PM selection

Entries Block Tag Status Filter Argument

In most situations a template should render the Entries marked as “published.” There are scenarios, however, when publishing entries with other statuses is required. This plugin facilitates that with a new argument for the Entris block tag: status_filter.


This plugin enables you to sort entries, pages, categories and folders.

Quick Input Category

This plugin enables users to edit data both of category name and basename at the same time.

AccessRankingGA Japanese only

AccessRankingGA gets unique visitors data from Google Analytics report information and generates JSON files. This plug-in uses the original jQuery plug-in and lists JSON data within the contents. Access rankings using GoogleAnalytics data can be easily implemented in Movable Type.


This plug-in adds a mail form function to Movable Type.

EntryImExporter Japanese only

EntryImExporter is a plug-in that can select blogs and export all web pages and blog posts to CSV. In addition, you can also register all the articles from a CSV you exported. Fields and tags that are added by custom field can be exported CSV, and can be read.


Breadcrumbs plug-in will create breadcrumb navigation that is suitable for all archive just in one template.

PageBute Japanese only

PageBute plug-in splits pages(pagination) the html produced by Movable Type. PHP processing isn’t required because it generates static pages.


Abs2Rel is a plug-in to convert a URL starting from the path specified, the URL, which is the output of the articles and blogs. By using this plug-in, global filter named abs3rel will be added. Global filter will allow the URL that begins with the domain name, delete a domain name part, and generates a URL only path specification.


When you insert an image in the blog editing screen of MT, the path to the image will be the absolute path from the blog URL. This plug-in will convert to relative path starting with “/” the path to the image.

Release Date Japanese only

The date and time field of an entry or page is set when the “Edit Entry” or “Edit Page” screen is first opened. This plugin allows automatic updating of that date and time to the point when you publish….


A jQuery based plug-in that allows for easier customization of the Movable Type admin screen.

SphinxSearch ?

The SphinxSearch plugin enhances the search feature in Movable Type by adding extensive support for full-text indices. It integrates the Sphinx server with Movable Type to provide full-text searches across various objects in Movable Type.

Location 6.0 Japanese only

This plugin allows map display in an entry if the user provides a location. These entries will then become search-able by the location keyword via Data API.

Random Entries

This plugin provides a single argument to be used with the Entries block tag to return a random entry each time a template is published.

Loupe 6.0 Verified

Loupe is a smart phone application designed to work with Movable Type 6. Loupe allows the user to perform several mini-tasks while on the go.

ID Shorts ?

This plugin provides a way to pass an entry ID or other shortcode to a cgi script and have it send the user to the entry permalink.

User Blog Association Verified

Assign a role and blog to a user specifically (and only) when the user interacts with that blog.

This is different from using the “(newly created user)” functionality, because “(newly created user)” will associate a user with every blog that has a “(newly created user)” defined. Also, “(newly created user)” will only create associations for new users; existing users are never updated.

Theme Manager 4.3

Theme Manager is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody created for designers and users with an express goal of making it much easier to both build and use themes on the Movable Type and Melody platforms.

Google Analytics Most Popular 4.3

This is an old plugin I wrote in 2009 for a client’s Movable Type 4 site. I am not providing support for this plugin, but here it is for any adventurous developers to work with….

Create Duplicate Entry

This plugin provides a simple interface to duplicate an entry in the same blog or to another blog in the same installation. All entry content (including Custom Fields) is preserved in the duplication. Entry status can be preserved, or entries can be marked Unpublished in the duplicated entry.

Central Authentication Service ?

A plugin for Movable Type that allows delegated user authentication to a CAS server in place of the native authentication scheme.

Private Label Feed 4.3

Private Label Feed gives you more control over the URL you use for your Atom/RSS feed without sacrificing the features (such as user statistics) of feed proxies like Feedburner

Entry CSV Export

A plugin for Movable Type installations which provides a very basic export-to-CSV functionality for entries/pages to facilitate easier review of entry/page metadata.

Widget Set Custom Field

This plugin defines a new custom field type that allows users to select and associate with pages and entries a widget set installed in the current blog.

Field Day ?

FieldDay is a plugin for Movable Type that lets you add more fields to the MT interface.

CreamBurn-Website Verified

“CreamBurn-Website” is a Movable Type 5 website theme. This highly customizable theme is most suited for small business blogs and personal blogs. The default state of this theme includes sample text and images, which should be replaced before publishing. The…

CreamBurn Verified

“CreamBurn” is a Movable Type 5 blog theme. This highly customizable theme is most suited for small business blogs and personal blogs. The default state of this theme includes sample text and images, which should be replaced before publishing. The…

Image Metadata Extractor ?

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that extracts Image EXIF data from assets and makes the data available through a set of template tags.

Trial Membership 4.3

The Trial Membership plugin for Movable Type and Melody can be used to disable users after a specified amount of time has elapsed. In other words, Commenters or Contributors (for example) can be allowed to participate and interact with your…

That's Hot 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that allows editors to manage topics on their web site, where a topic is a simple way of aggregating related stories together into a more focused vertical.

Publish Offline 4.3

Publish Offline adds the ability to publish a blog to an alternate directory, in addition to the Blog Site Path where the blog is already published. Before writing files to the target directory will rewrite all URLs as relative, creating a site that can be browsed offline or locally.

Structured Content Wizard 4.3

The Structured Content Wizard plugin for Movable Type and Melody makes structured blogging and creating form-based content easy! Simply create a step-by-step wizard interface for authors to work with.

Click Tagging 4.3

The Click Tagging plugin for Movable Type and Melody provides an alternate tagging interface: click-to-tag.

Asset Mover 4.3

The Asset Mover plugin for Movable Type and Melody allows you to move a file-based asset to a different location. For example, you may want to move to

Extra Tags Verified

This plugin provides Movable Type users with an assortment of miscellaneous tags that do not ship with Movable Type by default.

Store Front 4.3

Adds the ability for administrators to define for use on their web site a collection of products which can be sold through a selection of payment processors, like PayPal or Google Checkout for the express purpose of allowing users to assemble a digital store front, or put a “pay wall” in front of select pieces of content quickly and easily using Movable Type or Melody.

Theme Export 4.3

This plugin provides the ability to export a blog’s templates as a theme.

Table Feature for TinyMCE 5.2

Load the table plugin and add buttons for table function to TinyMCE, which is default rich text editor of Movable Type 5.2 or later.

Recommended Search Results ?

The Recommended Search Results plugin for Movable Type and Melody aims to give users more relevant search results.

Expired Entries 4.3

Allows authors to select a date in the future at which an entry will be automatically unpublished and the site rebuilt.

Blank Target

A simple plugin which allows you to configure Movable Type to automatically open links in a new window….

Tag Repair 4.3

A plugin that fixes a particular kind of corruption in mttag and mtobjecttag tables.

Super Error Handler 4.3

A developer-focused plugin for MT 4.3x and Melody installations which provides insight in diagnosing the dreaded “empty error” problem that usually occurs because of improper error handling by a developer.

AssetFileModified 4.3

Enables publishing of assets and/or asset metadata, sorted by actual upload time!

Memo Verified

Memo is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that can display a memo on the Edit Entry/Page screen, as well as a global message on all CMS screens.

Max Image Width 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that provides a way to enforce a max image or thumbnail width for uploaded images to prevent users from uploading photos too wide for a column.

Related Entries ?

This plugin will automatically publish any entries that share a tag with the entry being saved/published. This allows entries that utilize any kind of “related entry” feature to remain up to date.

Browser ID Commenters ?

This plugin enables commenters to register to your blog using their BrowserID identities

Git Plugin Directory ?

This plugin provides a simple framework for deploying a git-powered plugin directory.

Related Items 4.3

Related Items provides a custom field type that allows users to relate the current object to any Taggable object. Said differently, with this custom field you can relate a system object (Entry, Page, Category, Folder, or User) to Taggable objects: assets, entries, and pages.

E-mail Retitler ?

Overview This plugin makes it easy to customize the subject line of emails sent by Movable Type. Installation Move the EmailRetitler plugin directory to the MT plugins directory. Should look like this when installed: $MT_HOME/ plugins/ EmailRetitler/ [plugin files here]…

Cache Manager 4.3

A plugin for Movable that provides additional functionality to assist in the management of template module caches.

Supr 4.3

A plugin for Movable Type and Melody that provides integration with Stumple Upon’s URL shortening service and iframe viewing window.

Download Genie ?

A framework for authenticated downloading of assets. Users must log in (just like when commenting) to have permission to download an asset.


DynamicMTML is the PHP extension framework for Movable Type. By using mod_rewrite to pass the HTTP request to the dynamic site Bootstrapper (.mtview.php), MTML Tags in static files will be processed by Movable Type’s dynamic publishing engine. This framework also…

Custom Asset Markup 4.3

The Custom Asset Markup plugin was created to address the issue in Movable Type 4+ where assets embedded into entries are wrapped with HTML markup that is hard coded into MT::Asset and MT::Asset::Image.

Asset Poller 4.35.0

The Asset Poller plugin adds a periodic task to Movable Type that will create assets based on contents of a given directory. The files in that directory will be moved to <site_root>/assets by default. Note: This is a fork of…

Convio SSO Authentication 4.3

This plugin provides a “dual-mode” authentication driver for for Melody and Movable Type v4.x which works with Convio’s Single Signon Open API to provide authentication services for both locally-created and Convio-created user accounts.

Purge Activity Log ?

This single serving plugin solves the one simple problem of keeping activity logs from getting too large by automatically deleting log entries older than n days.

Multi Checkbox 4.3

This plugin provides a new custom field type to Movable Type Pro users. This new field type, called a “multi-checkbox” allows one to have multiple checkbox as opposed to a single checkbox. A new template tag will also be defined for these custom fields to determine whether or not a checkbox has been checked.

MacLeod ?

This plugin facilitates the process of blog consolidation in which one blog’s content/associations are transferred entirely to another.

Tidings ?

Tidings is a simple wrapper around Andy Lester’s HTML::Tidy, itself a wrapper around libtidy. It’s a convenient way of making sure that all your tags are closed and that your HTML is in squinting distance of validation, to avoid late-night typos producing a page full of red at the W3 Validator.

Snapshot ?

The Snapshot plugin makes it easy for editors, authors, and designers to track changes to templates and entries by allowing them to save and view snapshots of the history of each of these objects.

NoStats ?

Removes the statistics chart from the Movable Type dashboard.

Ordered Tags ?

MT sorts tags alphabetically by default; the OrderedTags plugin maintains order of tags as saved upon entry/page save or edit.

User Blog Roles 4.3

Define the role(s) provisioned to new users on their userblogs.

Log Filter ?

This plugin was created to limit which activities are written to the Activity Log (and hence the internal mt_log table in the database). Specifically, it adds a new mt-config.cgi setting: LogExclude. LogExclude takes a comma separated list of log categories…

Text Macros ?

This plugin provides a framework for developers to create really simple text macros that can processed inside of text.

SanitizeBlogs 2

Specify HTML tags and attributes allowed in entry/page fields based upon system or blog settings. Functions in a similar manner as, but is distinct from, the GlobalSanitizeSpec configuration directive. A typical use case of this plugin is to cleanup the…

OutOfContext ?

OutOfContext adds a block template tag to take a block of template code out of the context of current template. This means that context sensitive tags can be built with a fresh context. You might use this plugin if you…

AnythingSliderX 4.3

AnythingSlider is an attempt at bringing together the functionality of all of those previous (on CSS-Tricks) sliders and adding new features. In other words, to create a really “full featured” slider that could be widely useful. This is the first…

OpenGraph Like

This plugin adds MT tags to display various social buttons such as Facebook Like, Google Plus, Tweet, Evernote Clip, Tumblr, mixi, and gree button. The Like button lets a user share your content on social networks. When the user clicks…

TwitterTools ?

Auto-Tweet New Entries to Twitter The TwitterTools plugin for Movable Type enables you to easily and automatically share your MT entries on Twitter. The plugin pushes tweets directly to Twitter immediately when entries are published, avoiding the delays of other…

Facebook Tools ?

Automatically Post New Entries to Facebook The Facebook Tools plugin for Movable Type enables you to easily and automatically share your MT entries on Facebook. The plugin pushes updates directly to Facebook immediately when entries are published, avoiding the delays…

SmsCoin 4.3

This is a plugin for one of the most powerful platforms that enables you to hide any part of your blog. New visitors to your site will see instructions to pay via SMS in order to access the content. The…

AdSpeed Ad Server ?

This module enables you to display ads in your MovableType templates and manage, serve, track ad impressions and clicks with your existing account….

MTTweetButton Japanese only

Add ‘Tweet Button’ to your blog to let people share content on Twitter…

GeoType 4.3

GeoType is a plugin for Movable Type that uses the Google Maps API to tie geographic coordinates to an MT object.

FlickrPhotosList ?

FlickrPhotosList is plugin for MovableType. This plugin get photos from Flickr and outputs or elements. See a demo….

Custom Error 4.3

The Custom Error plugin for Movable Type and Melody installs a global system template called “Custom System Error” which provides admins with the ability to override the default system error template generated by the system.

Template Optimizer 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that attempts to analyze and subsequently optimize the publishing options of your system.


This is a MovableType plugin which posts the entry to the other blogs and sites with Atom Pub when you publish it. XMLRPC version is also available….


This is a MovableType plugin which posts the entry to the other blogs and sites with XML-RPC when you publish it….


This MovableType plugin adds the shortened URL of entry with TinyURL in your compose screen….

EntryEvents Verified

A plugin to allow creation of an event calendar in MovableType.

Google Translate ?

Adds a template tag modifier that allows a user to pass the contents of a tag to Google Translate to translate the content transparently into any language that Google Translate supports….


Exporting plugin data as part of the theme. It is necessary to install PluginDataExporter similarly when the written theme is installed in another MT and it uses it. When the user who has the permission of a system-wide plugin setting…


Replace the default rich text editor with CKEditor. You can edit entries, pages and custom fields. CKEditor is also highly customizable for your purpose. This plugin works with MT5….

PostTwiOAuth 4.35.0

Post entry title and permalink to Twitter with OAuth. Twitter client system….

Konjak 4.3

Konjak is a plugin which automatically generates the translated pages or contents from the articles of Movable Type using translate APIs, such as a Google Translate and Bing Translator. The performance of translation depends on each translator’s API….

Search Menu Option 4.3

This is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that simply adds a “Search” menu option to the Tools menu. If you use the search function much, you probably want to jump right to the Search screen where you can…

Widgets System Menu Option ?

This is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that simply adds a “Widgets” menu item to the System Overview menu. If you use system-level widgets much, you know that they always seem to be a few clicks away, and…

PicApp ?

The PicApp plugin for Movable Type and Melody provides a seamless integration experience with the PicApp image distribution platform.

Categories by Date 4.35.0

Categories are not a date-related object in MT, so publishing categories in a date-structured way isn’t possible.

The CategoriesByDate plugin adds a block tag that will sort categories by date, with the most recently updated first. To determine the order of the categories, each category is compared to newest entry it is used in and that entry’s date sorts the category.

Create and Manage

This plugin adds a ‘Create’ and ‘Manage’ menu to Movable Type 5, so plugins written for Movable Type 4 that add sub-menu items there will work again. Note that the menus will only appear if there are plugins installed that…

Two Dimensional Select 4.3

This plugin provides a new custom field type to Movable Type Pro users. This new field type, called a “two dimensional select” allows one to have a pull down menu, which when a selection is made, reveals a second pull down menu to further narrow down the user’s choice.

Widget Saver ?

This plugin adds two checkboxes to the Template Refresh screen: Save the Widget Sets, and Save the Widgets. Enabled by default, they will cause the Template Refresh to ignore any existing Widget Sets or Widgets. Ta da!

Link to Theme ?

Adds support for linking templates to theme files to avoid the need to refresh templates.

Twitter API 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that adds TwitterAPI support to your blog.


AssetDuJour is a plugin for Movable Type to preselect the date «du jour» (today) in the asset upload destination path. With the default behavior of MT, authors tend to upload all assets in the same place: the Site Root (or…

SmartTrim 4.3

SmartTrim is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that aims to provide a smarter trimming global modifier than words or trim_to. The stock MT global modifier words cuts at a certain number of words without any control on the resulting…

GarminConnectService ?

A Movable Type Action Stream service that allows for importing activity from a Garmin Connect account. By default it reports all activities as bike rides, but the description in config.yaml can be changed to anything….

AutoSmileys 4.35.0

AutoSmileys is an easy to use and highly customizable macro environment for Movable Type. It will replace self-defined text abbreviations by image tags when your site is published or dynamically rendered, respectively. It may be applied either within entries, comments,…

GCPrettify 4.3

GCPrettify is a plugin designed to allow easy use of [Google Code’s prettify.js script][1] for syntax highlighting of code samples.

Demenuator 4.3

Demenuator removes specified menus and menu items from the MT UI.

Comment Flag ?

A plugin which adds a comment reporting system for visitors to report comments….

Locksmith Verified

A plugin for Movable Type which prevents entries and templates from being edited by more than one user at the same time.

Full Screen Mode ?

This plugin adds a simple full screen button fullscreen-icon.gif to your Edit Entry and Edit Template screens in Movable Type and Melody. Clicking the button toggles the editor between consuming the full width of the page and the default width. In our opinion, this makes editing much easier.

Anonymous Public Posts 4.3

Provides the ability to accept unauthenticated (anonymous) entry submissions from your community.

AddThis 4.3

AddThis is the #1 bookmarking and sharing button on the Internet. We help website publishers and bloggers spread their content across the web by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favorite social destinations. AddThis…

SearchEkko ?

SearchEkko is like a “related posts” widget for your blog, but it’s only visible to readers who arrive from a search engine. It uses each visitor’s search query to find the best-matching pages on your site. For example, imagine that…

Template Profiler

This plugin provides a simple way for anyone to audit a Movable Type template to see why it might be slower than it needs to be.

User Export 4.3

The Export User Data plugin for Movable Type allows administrators to export all of the information collected about their site’s users into a comma-separated format (.csv) file.

Image Cropper

The Image Cropper Plugin provides a simple user interface for managing and generating custom thumbnails from your image assets. The plugin was specifically designed to addressed the case where publishers want the ability to produce different thumbnails designed specifically for…

PubSubHubbub 4.3

Publishes PubSubHubbub pings to Hubs when a new entry is created (or a feed is updated)…

PageCompactor 4.3

This plugin eliminates any and all whitespace produced at the top of a published file. In most cases, leading whitespace is unwanted (e.g. in HTML pages, it can cause display issues as some browsers activate “quirks mode”).

ImageInfo 2 ?

Display image EXIF data along with image on weblog page. Especially useful with digital camera pictures, which often store a lot of EXIF data (time stamp, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO setting, white balance, etc.) inside each picture….

GoogleAnalytics 4.3

The GoogleAnalytics Plugin is a Movable Type plugin that allows users with access to the Dashboard for a Movable Type blog to see Sessions, Page View, and Visitors statistics as reported by Google Analytics. Charts representing these three categories of…

Unrecognized Tags ?

The Unrecognized Tags plugin is a tool for identifying all tags in use across all templates system-wide that Movable Type does not recognize.

Custom Header 4.3

The Custom Header plugin for Movable Type provides the ability for designers to specify with their template sets constraints for a custom header that this plugin will then allow users to easily replace with an image uploaded from their local computer.

Custom CSS

This plugin was born out of the need and desire to:

  • Provide users with the ability to customize the CSS of a blog, without requiring to give them complete access to edit all the templates of a blog.

  • Provide a better interface for editing CSS by devoting a larger portion of the screen’s real estate to the editor window, unlike what is found on Movable Type’s default “Edit Template” screen.

  • Insulate a theme from a user inadvertantly disrupting a site’s design by permanently editing or modifying the theme’s core CSS definition.

Hybrid News Theme ?

The Hybrid News Theme is the first newspaper theme for the Movable Type platform and enabled users to easily create a newspaper style website. Features include: SEO enhanced Alternate HTML tags Google Web Sitemaps Google News Sitemaps Associate content with…

Link Checker ?

This plugin assists authors, editors and administrators in making sure that all of the links on their blog are still valid and therefore useful to their readers. It works by surfacing an additional list action called “Validate Links” in your…

GoogleMap 4.3 Japanese only

This plugin allows you to associate latitude and longitude coordinates with your entries, and then to push them out via template tags. Useful for creating maps and more. This plugin uses the GoogleMap API version 2.0….

Photo Gallery Plugin and Theme Verified

The Photo Gallery Plugin for Movable Type contains two components:

  • A streamlined interface to make managing, editing, and uploading to a photo gallery-style blog efficient. This updated interface can be used by any theme.

  • A photo gallery theme based upon the amazing design work of Jim Ramsey. It is designed to be a seamless extension of his popular Movable Type theme called Mid-Century.

ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing

ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing provides a Perl-based dynamic publishing system that works as a replacement for the PHP-based dynamic publishing built into Movable Type. It allows you to publish Web pages dynamically with normal publishing workflow as well as the built-in…

Grass 4.3

A implementation of Grass interpreter by pure MTML. See a demo. Grass is a functional grass-planting programming language….

Lou 4.3

Converting a contents into the style of Lou Ohshiba, a Japanese comedian. This is a wrapper plugin of Acme::Lou. See a demo….

Nabeatsu 4.3

This plugin makes your content bad at counting multiples of three, like Nabeatsu, a Japanese comedian. See a demo….

Bleach 4.3

A plugin for bleaching contents. See a demo….

Lovers 4.3

Provide Movable Type functions for lovers. See a demo. This plugin has the following functions: Sending a message to another administrator. Sending a love letter to something special. (It is necessary to obtain the mail address beforehand.) Moreover, you can…

Set Offset 4.3

When viewing your list of entries, this plugin allows you to jump directly to a target entry (if you know its entry number), rather than continually clicking the “next” button. For example, if you enter 90 in the input area…

Comment Author Context Verified

The CommentAuthorContext plugin creates a block tag called <mt:CommentAuthorContext> in which <$mt:AuthorSOMETHING$> function tags will refer to the author of the comment.

Stock Quotes ?

The plugin detects and suggests quotes for your posts, identifying tickers or company names in your posts. When you save your post, you confirm which price quotes you want to include. Ticker symbols next to the stock quote will link…

HashTag 4.3

The HashTag plugin is yet another Twitter plugin. It will tweet the entry title and a link using the account in the plugin settings, it can also add hashtags to your tweets. Hashtags are Twitter’s version of tags; they provide…

MediaURLs 4.3

MediaURLs provides a few simple template tags that allow you to easily make use of multiple domains or subdomains to host media assets for your site such as css and javascript files, images, downloads or more….

Bob the Rebuilder 5.15.2

Bob the Rebuilder provides a way to republish a blog or website (or a part of a blog or website) on a recurring schedule. For example, create a job to republish an entire blog every 24 hours, or create a job to republish all index archives every 10 minutes. An unlimited number of jobs can be created to republish any blog (or part of it) according to a number of set frequency choices.

SyntaxHighlighter 4.3

SyntaxHighlighter allows you to easily post syntax highlighted code all without losing its formatting or making any manual changes on Movable Type 4, powered by SyntaxHighlighter 2.0….

Stop Design Photo Gallery 4.3

The Stop Design Template Set for Movable Type makes it easy to deploy beautiful, professionally designed photo galleries for your website. This plugin automates the process of installing the templates created and designed by Doug Bowman using Movable Type Template…

Mid-Century Mobile 4.3

The Mid-Century Mobile Template Set provides a mobile ready theme for your blog. When applied, users can view your blog on their handheld device. This theme presents only the most essential content, with a minimal amount of HTML and CSS…

Contact Forms ?

The Contact Forms plugin for Movable Type provides a comprehensive solution for allowing site administrators to manage multiple ways for their site’s visitor’s to contact them and ask them questions them questions via a simple form submission. Contact form submissions are then stored in the database and tracked to ensure that every message is replied to, and to make all responses searchable.

Comment Challenge 4.3

Comment Challenge is an anti-spam plugin which provides you with two very effective types of barriers to protect you from spammers.

More Custom Fields

The Custom Fields found in Movable Type Pro are a boon to creating a flexible and robust site. When the standard field types don’t quite meet your needs however, get More Custom Fields! Checkbox Group Message Multi-Use Single-Line Text Group…

SortableCategories 4.3

SortableCategories plugin allows you to arrange the orders of category and folder lists with the drag-and-drop manner….

FormatStack 4.3

Allows the creation of new text filters from existing text filters and text modifiers via the MT administration interface, no coding required. If you have ever wanted to use two text filters in the same post (say, Markdown and Smarty…

Automatix LightBox ?

This plugin adds LightBox in an automatic way in any link pointing to an image in the href, on the web pages of your blog. Just install the plugin, upload the images and rebuild….

Yandex OpenID 5.1

Yandex is a Russian search engine and the largest Russian Web portal. With this plugin, users of Yandex can sign in to your blog….

Share 4.3

Share takes the simple “email to a friend” idea and lets you completely customize every aspect: Include a share form on entries with from, to and message fields Use Movable Type template tags to craft your email body and subject…

Page Layout ?

This plugin allows authors to select from more than one template (or “layout”) for a given page or entry. For example, a web site may wish to suppress advertising on certain pages. This plugin would allow for the designer of…

Facebook Connect Commenters 4.35.1

The Facebook Connect Commenters plugin for Movable Type allows commenters to login to your blog using their Facebook account. It makes use of the Facebook Connect APIs to provide a rich user experience. Commenters are able to automatically bring their name, profile photo, and friends with them when commenting on a blog running this plugin.

Facebook Action Streams 4.3

While Action Streams contains a profile link for Facebook, it does not contain any way to get an Action Stream from Facebook. This plugin changes that, in conjunction with the YourData application on Facebook….

GuitarTools ?

This plugin offers a wiki-like syntax for writing guitar tabs….

FastTagCloud ?

FastTagCloud (FTC) provides 5 tag helpers, to create a really Fast Tag Cloud, compared with the default Tag Cloud widget. … Inside this block, you use the other templates tags. It have three attributes: maxrank: the max rank to use….

Hybrid Pagination 4.3

A plugin that provides support for paginating a MT template module. It relies on MT’s dynamic publishing feature, but does not require the first page itself to be published dynamically.

ProCommunity 4.3

Marry the Community Blog and Community Forum template sets (from the Community Pack as of MT 4.23) with the Professional template set and you get three template sets in one plugin: Pro Community Blog - based on the Community Blog…

TemplateSetExporter 4.3 Japanese only

Template Set Export is a simple plugin which allows you to export a blog’s current templates as a template set plugin for your own reuse, or for redistribution to other Movable Type users….

Access Counter

This plugin enables Access Ranking: tally up the accessed count. Additionally, you can sort entries by their accessed count….

EasyWorkflow 4.35.0

This plugin enables you to make a simple workflow: When a blog writer makes an entry and save it with a status of “Unpublished (Review),” a request for approval will be sent via email to the person you have defined….

ArchiveUploader 4.3

With this plugin you can upload an archive file and extract its contents as assets and index-templates….

Config Assistant (MT4) 4.3 Verified

Note: This page is for Movable Type 4.1. Please see Config Assistant for the plugin for Movable Type 5+. The Config Assistant plugin is a powerful platform plugin which significantly reduces the work necessary to create and deploy Movable Type…

New User Management Prototype 4.3

This is an ever-evolving plugin designed to allow us, Six Apart to test and iterate upon a new user management area of Movable Type. Features: New User Interface accessible from the blog’s “Manage > Users” menu. Experimental use of Gravatar…

CategorySearch 4.3

Allows you to search by Category information. Includes features such as “AND search” and “generating link for narrowing.”…

CustomFieldsSearch 4.3

This plugin allows you to search by Custom Fields value. Moreover, it is possible to search it for only the field that has been specified. “AND Search” and “OR Search” can be possible. This plugin does not correspond to the…

Dumper 4.3

The content of the entry can be output by YAML and JSON format. Because only the part with the change when entry’s is preserved is written, the processing speed is fast….

FillInForm 4.3

Filling in input element and the textarea element. (It is a wrapper for HTML::FillInForm.) When a complex form is set up with mt-search.cgi, it enable to fill in input column easily….

ScriptInjection 4.3

The insertion of arbitrary JavaScript is enabled to the entry edit page. Moreover, because ajaxlibs of Google is read beforehand, jquery etc. can be easily read in the script….

StyledFields 4.3

CSS is added to the field added in the custom fields and externals of the field are adjusted….

QuickRebuild Verified

Features: Rebuild a specific archive type with the one click. Rebuild all blogs with the one click….

Period 4.3

This plugin enables one to relate information about the period of an entry. The entry can be put into the state of “Unpublished (Draft)” by synchronizing with a periodic task….

Locator 4.3

This plugin enables one to relate location information to each data type in Movable Type (user, blog, and entry). Google Maps is used as the primary interface. This plugin can be used with MT4 (To a partial target) and MT3.3….

Batch Template Options ?

This plugin provides the simple utility of being able to set the publishing method for more than one template at a time directly from the template listing screen.

Mouthwash 4.3

If you have an active community built around your site, there have probably been a few heated discussions. And, sometimes, a few commenters have probably used words that you don’t feel are appropriate for the site or discussion. You know,…

WebPurify Profanity Filter ?

Filters user comments for profanity using the WebPurify Web Service before they are inserted into the database. Replaces each letter of profane words with a “*”. You need to have a license key to make use of the WebPurify Web…

Publish Queue Manager 5.26.0 Verified

This plugin provides a simple user interface in the Movable Type administrative system to view, change priority, and delete publishing jobs from the built-in “Publish Queue” system — a system by which files are published in the background. Keeping an eye on what is publishing is a great way to understand what is happening at any given time!

Minifier ? Japanese only

Minifier plugin allows you to minify your CSS and JavaScript templates and reduce their file sizes….

Server Check ?

Allows external monitors to confirm that the MT installation is in place, the MT code base is loading, and it can connect to the database.

Linked Entry Custom Fields

This plugin converts custom fields created by the RightFields plugin [1] to Movable Type’s native custom fields. It also provides an additional custom field type that RightFields provided: the linked entry [2]. INSTALLATION Unpack the distribution package to your Movable…

serendipityimporter ?

This plugin can import your blog entries from your Serendipity blogging service’s RSS feed into Movable Type….

StyleCatcher 4.3

This version of StyleCatcher upgrades the version of StyleCatcher that is bundled with Movable Type 4.2 and provides improved compatibility for applying styles to blogs using the Sandbox template set. StyleCatcher is the Movable Type component that helps you find…

Super Page ?

The Super Page plugin for Movable Type was created in support of Movable Type’s documentation effort. The basic need was this: convert a single, massive page into a set of paginated, easy to navigate pages broken up by chapter/section. This…

Forums Utilities ?

The Forum Utilities plugin that provides a collection of tools and utilities often found in forum software to help enhance and elevate the quality of conversation among commenters and visitors. Its features include: Promote Comments to Entries - convert a…

Gravatar 4.3

Uses Gravatar’s global recognized avatar system to output the correct gravatar image URL based on the commenter’s email address. This is an updated version of Tom Werner’s original plugin and includes changes to the generated URL structure required to interact…

LightBox for MTOS ?

This plugin add LightBox to your blog by adding rel=”ligthbox” automatically to your new image assets, and all the neccessary scripts to use LightBox….

EntrySetBasename 4.3

ABSTRACT This is a utility plugin to assist in setting entry basenames to the value of the dirified entry title. WARNING: Using the tag will cause Entry basenames to be changed in the blogs database. This plugin and the tag…

Sandbox ?

Scott Wallick and Andy Skelton created Sandbox as a theme for WordPress and it has since been used as the base for many blogs over the last few years. At its core, Sandbox is a rich and semantic—yet simple—HTML structure…

Vanilla 4.3

A quiver of template sets focusing on specific features in Movable Type. Vanilla provides various template sets which only contain the code necessary to show how a specific feature in Movable Type. These template sets are not endended to be… Action Streams 4.3

A very simple action stream to add your activities on to your stream. The plugin pulls in plugins you have posted and your “activity” as defined by the list on your profile page. As the actual XML for your…

Notepad Chaos: A Personal Blog Template Set 4.3

Movable Type users looking for something different for their personal blog will love this template set. The design features a notebook look on a striking and vibrant background. “Personal” elements include hand-written search, headings and comment form, and post-it note…

WidgetSetLoop 4.3 Japanese only

This plugin adds template tag . This plugin is according to the proposal on the public wiki. This plugin adds the ability to loop over all of the widgets in a widget set. By so doing, designers can more easily…

Templets 4.3 Japanese only

Templets plugin realizes “pluggable template sets” called “templet”, and allows you to install and manange new templates very straightforwardly and flexibly. It makes it easy: For users to customize their base template sets by plugging in various kinds of templets,…

CPAN Action Streams 4.3

Adds support for CPAN uploads to Action Streams, allowing authors to link to their CPAN profiles, and have an action each time they post or update a CPAN module….

Order Verified

Collect sets of template output to order by a particular datum.

Poll Position

Poll Position adds a fast and easy way to create polls in Movable Type. Add a poll to your site by simply choosing Poll from MT’s Create menu. Maintain an unlimited number of polls, along with an unlimited number of responses

TinyMCE 4.3 Japanese only

Using this plugin, you can use useful rich text editor TinyMCE in writing your entries. You can select the edit buttons you want to use at the settings of this plugin. Note: There is another similar plugin available on….

FriendFeed Comments 4.3

FriendFeed is service that enables you aggregate and share your stuff from many other web sites, all in one place. Your feed can pull in your blog RSS feeds, photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, tweets from Twitter, and many…


The Log4MT plugin enhances Movable Type with the fantastic and ultra-powerful Log4Perl logging framework. Like Log4perl, Log4MT enables you to debug your code, handle exceptions or send notifications with one of six priorities (trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal). The…

Lixtal ?

This plug-in is mostly of interest to Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish authors. Lixtal calculates the readability index of your entry, the so-called “LIX-tal,” which is a simple measure of the complexity of your text. As the Lixtal increases, the text…

Spore Action Stream 4.3

Share your creations from Spore in your Action Stream! Adds the link and also shows the thumbnail of the creature from the Sporepedia, which visitors to your site can then drag into their Creature Creator….

Post Office Verified

Post Office is a plugin for Movable Type that allows users to post to their blog via email. It works by connecting Movable Type to an existing email account, like GMail or any POP or IMAP compliant mailbox, and periodically scanning for messages to post.

Hyphenation 4.3

Hyphenation for Movable Type provides automatic hyphenation of your text based on OpenOffice hyphenation dictionaries. Automatic hyphenation is very useful if you often use left-aligned or right-aligned images with text flowing along the side of the image in a narrow…

Picnik Photo Editing ?

Picnik is a free service that allows for users to edit photos online, much like you would using popular photo editing tools like Photoshop. The Picnik plugin for Movable Type provides a seamless integration with this service and allows you…

Pixenate Photo Editor ?

This plugin lets blog authors edit photos. Blog authors access the Photo editor via Movable Type’s Asset Management screen. A fuller description of the plugin can be found at the plugin homepage….

Curvaceous 4.3

Curvaceous is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that causes text to flow smoothly around the edges of irregularly shaped images. Once installed, the plugin works in the background, converting any images that are either left-aligned or right-aligned….

YUI Rich Text Editor 4.3

YUI has become my new favourite Rich Text Editor and I have been implementing it left right and centre. It’s extensability, features and ease of use are unparralled. It made sense for all these features to be available to me…

AutoLink 4.3

AutoLink provides users with a way of creating a list of “hot words.” Whenever these words appear in a post, they are automatically linked to a designated URL.

Yahoo! OpenID 4.3

This plugin utilizes Movable Type’s extensible Open ID Login framework to give a preferential and customized login experience for Yahoo! users on Movable Type blogs….

YourBlog Activity Stream 4.3

Generic activity feed for Action Streams plugin which you can configure to point to your personal blog on any blog platform. Requires some direct editing of config.yaml (no simple mapping between profile and rss feed) in order to be as… Recently Played Tracks 4.3

Adds “Recently played tracks” from to your Action Stream Default Action Streams plugin ships with a profile service for, but this does not give information on user activity….

Amazon Wish List 4.3

Uses Amazon-generated RSS feeds to create an action stream of new items added to a wish list. Grabs the medium size image as a thumbnail, if your template is configured to show thumbnails….

VideoEmbedding 4.3

Use BBCode-like tag to embed videos from a variety of external sources, including Google Video, YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace,, and more. For example, you can simply embed an youtube video with this BBCode: [yt]eR8swuWfKMI[/yt]…

Copy! 4.3

Ever need to copy an entry or template to a new one in your Movable Type blog? That usually involves having 2 windows (or tabs), and cut & pasting each of the fields you need. No more! This new plugin…

EmoticonButton 4.3

Adds a small button to the WYSIWYG editor. You can add emoticons to your entry by clicking the button and choosing the emoticon (SHIFT- click and you can choose multiple emoticons). Emoticon graphics are provided from Six Apart K.K. under…

The Publisher 4.3

Magnify Publisher is the first native blog application that enables bloggers to search for video, text, and images, using key words and tags, and also embed the desired content directly into a post without ever leaving the Movable Type dashboard….

GeoSpatial Simple 4.3

This plugin allows you to associate locations with blog entries using Google Maps. Each blog entry can have a location (latitude, longitude), and a map can be shown for the location. Also, a map can be shown which displays all…

NotifyReplyee 4.3

In Movable Type 4, there’s a new way to easily reply to user comments by using the “Reply” links in comment listings in the content manager, or the “Reply to this comment” link when editing a comment. Doing so shows…

Xomment 4.3

Xomment is a Movable Type plugin that uses Web 2.0 technology to improve the comment experience. It reduces bandwith usage and rebuild times, while improving the look of your site. When fully installed, it does four things through the magic…

TripIt Action Stream 4.3

Takes an activity feed from a TripIt account and creates an Action Stream for it….

DeliciousJSON 4.3

Add tags to show your bookmarks on, from JSON….

reCaptcha 4.3

This plugin is compatible with the Movable Type 4 Captcha API, which uses reCaptcha as its CAPTCHA image provider. The plugin users are required to register their blogs to and get public/private key pair, in order to use this…


Extract CSV-formatted data input from all fields of Movable Type…

CustomEditorButton2 4.3

This plugin provide a framework of that the extensible command buttons to your Movable Type Entry Editor….

Fire Eagle 4.3

The Fire Eagle plugin for Movable Type connects your Movable Type profile to your account on Yahoo’s Fire Eagle service, making your Movable Type install location-aware. It adds your “Current Location” —pulled periodically from Fire Eagle— to your profile, makes…

MT Forum 4.3

An integrated forum plugin for Movable Type sites….

LocalBlock ?

Movable Type’s template variables, accessed via the GetVar and SetVar template tags, exist only in a global scope. For templates of a certain complexity, this might pose the risk of one template overwriting the variables used by another template inadvertently….

Wordpress Interface for Movable Type 4.3

WP Interface is a plugin for Movable Type that provides a user interface very similar to Wordpress. Loosely based on the iPhone interface for MT, this plugin provides a simple interface to some of the functions of MT. The interface…

Action Streams

The Action Streams plugin is an amazing new plugin for Movable Type 4.1 that lets you aggregate, control, and share your actions around the web as well as a list of your profiles on various services. With the Action Streams…

Pagination 4.3

Pagination is plugin that enables you to paginate lists of entries. For example, at the bottom of your home page, you could add a “Next” link so your readers can go to “Page 2” and read previous entries. You can…

CacheBlock 4.3

CacheBlock is a plugin that can dramatically speed up publishing by caching blocks of built template code. CacheBlock is very flexible, enabling you to cache an entire page, a small template snippet, a template module, a sidebar widget, and entire…

DashOff 4.3

A set of links to the places you most commonly want to go for each of your blogs. Reduces the number of clicks when navigating between blogs. Plugin settings allow sorting of blogs by: Blog Name, Creation Order, or Last…

Fogger 4.3

MT Fogger is a Movable Type interface to FogBugz. The plugin exposes a set of template tags that make it possible to query and display information stored in FogBugz within your Movable Type templates….

memcached Stats 4.3

Memcached Stats is a plugin that provides a admin dashboard widget that displays stats for each of the memcached servers in your MT config. Memcached is an optional advanced feature with MT4. You can read more about memcached here, and…

Akismet 4.3

Akismet is the official plugin for Movable Type that transparently integrates its junk handling capabilities with the Akismet collaborative spam filtering service. For many people, Akismet will greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the comment and TrackBack spam you get…

MT-Approval 4.3

MT-Approval is a set of tools that you can use to protect your site from receiving automatic comment spam, all bundled into one easy-to-use plugin. Easily mask the true location of your comments script with JavaScript Quickly add a beacon…

User Profiles 4.3

Add User Photos (Avatars) using the User Profiles plugin. User Profiles is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that extends the user profiles in MT4. Version 1.0 adds the ability to user profile images (sometimes called avatars) from within the…

Customized Email Templates 4.3

This plugin enables MT4 sites to customize email notification templates on per-blog basis. Using the familiar MT4 template management screens, you can easily customize the emails that get sent out by the system. For example, you could change the order…

Entry to Page Converter 4.3

Entry To Page Converter is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that enables you to convert Entries into Pages. Pages are a new feature in MT4 that you can use to create pages that are not really “entries.” In previous…

Visitor Stats 4.3

Visitor Stats is a plugin for Movable Type 4.0 that displays visitor and page view statistics for MT4 blogs. Visitor Stats Pro provides even more statistics and widgets….

Podcasting Plugin 4.3

The Podcasting Plugin for Movable Type allows users to easily link to and include MP3 at any URL in their Movable Type blog and to manage those podcasts as assets within Movable Type’s asset management system. Once a podcast is…

Polls 4.3

SodaHead provides an innovative platform for not only providing fun and interesting functionality for your blog, but also by providing a service that can help gather important demographic information about your readers and visitors. This plugin integrates smoothly with Soda Head by allowing you to construct a poll from within Soda Head and then publishing that poll to your blog - either by embedding it into a post, or in the sidebar of your blog.

BatchAuthorCreator 4.3

As everyone knows, it is quite hard to create many users by using MT4 CMS manually. To resolve such a situation, BatchAuthorCreator plugin allows you to automatically create as many users as you need, in batch style. You can write…

MT-Twitter 4.3

An easy way to announce blog posts via your Twitter account….

MemcachedLocal 4.3

A plugin for speeding up rebuilding templates under FastCGI environment. MemcachedLocal caches the MT internal data to the local memory, which allows you to speed up rebuilding templates especially under FastCGI environment. Some MT objects have both of internal data…

Sociotags 4.3

Sociotags is a plug-in for Movable Type 4 that adds a list of “sociotags” to your entries. Sociotags are the little images you may have seen on various pages that let you add the page to social networks or promotional…

ModifiedDate ?

ModifiedDate plugin realizes MTModified function(variable) tag, which allows you to obtain modified dates for specified files or index templates. MTModifiedDate can be used with date-format options, as like MTDate and MTEntryDate….

HatenaBookmarker 4.3

HatenaBookmaker is a Movable Type plugins which allows you to cross-post your entries to the “Hatena bookmark”, which is a well-known social bookmarking service in Japan….

DeleteAndRebuild 4.3

Basically, Movable Type does not rebuild any archives when you delete an entry, therefore, you need to rebuild all archives manually in order to keep archives consistent with the database. To solve this problem, DeleteAndRebuild Plugin automatically rebuilds archives which…

Template Hammer 4.3 Verified

Want to simplify your templates to remove all of the includes? Just smash ‘em with the Template Hammer, and you’ll get flat HTML versions of your templates with just the basic MT Template Tags needed to output your site. It’s…

Ghostwriter Verified

Ghostwriter is a Movable Type plugin that adds a control to change the author on Edit Entry and Edit Page screens. Perfect when the person entering or editing content is not the user to be specified as the author. Documentation…

PostJaiku ?

Enables cross-posting of new or edited entries to Posted in the format: text “title” (permalink) Set your jaiku username, api key, location, prefered icon, introductory text and if you want to use tinyurl’d permalinks through the plugins settings page….

TheSchwartzStats 4.3

TheSchwartzStats plugin adds a dashboard widget for showing TheSchwartz stats. The widget displays the number of remaining jobs to be processed….

ModifiableSetVarBlock 4.3

ModifiableSetVarBlock plugin overrides MTSetVarBlock with an alternative version, which can be used with ‘modifier’s….

Comment Titles 4.3

Enables you to add a “Title” field to your comments form, so commenter can include a title for their comment….

BlogSkeletonCloner 4.3

BlogSkeletonCloner plugin allows you to clone a blog without its contents. Unlike MT4-embeded WeblogCloner, this plugin clones just a skeleton, which means everything except for entries, pages, categories, comments, trackback pings, and tags. This plugin helps those who want to…

Ajax Comments 4.3

Enables your comment submission using AJAX, without refreshing the page….

iMT - iPhone Interface for Movable Type ?

This plugin automatically provides a customized and specially designed user interface for Movable Type 4.x and 5.0 users accessing their Movable Type installation via their iPhone or iPod Touch (should also be compatible with Android-powered phones)….

Joomsayer 4.3

Joomsayer is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that enables you to display quotations in a very catchy quote box. Joomsayer has two special features: Firstly, it displays two quote marks; one in the upper left corner, and one in…

DuplicateEntries 4.3

DuplicateEntries plugin allows you to duplicate your entries, pages, and templates by using “actions” menu in the Manage Entries Screen….

Customized Sign In Templates 4.3

The Customized Sign In Templates plugin enables MT4 sites to customize the commenter sign in and registration screens. MT4 include built-in support for commenter registration and login. By default, the screens where commenters login and register are system templates that…

Clean Sweep Verified

Clean Sweep is a plugin that assists administrators in finding and fixing broken inbound links to their website. It was built to support three use cases:

  • to help users monitor any broken links on their blog and have a system that can automatically adapt by redirecting stale and inbound links to the proper destination.

  • to help users get a clean start with their blog by allowing them to completely restructure their permalink URL structure and have a system that can automatically adapt by redirecting stale and inbound links to the proper destination.

  • to help users in the process of migrating to Movable Type who are forced to modify their web site’s URL and permalink structure.

These use cases have to do with preserving a site’s page rank in light of a major redesign.

Favicon Manager 4.3

Favicon Manager helps to set a shortcut icon (aka favicon) to your blogs. What you to do is just set an URL address of image file that you want to show on your client’s browser. Additionary, you can set favicon…

BloggerImporter 4.3

BloggerImporter is a plugin for Movable Type 4. This plugin can import content from Blogger to Movable Type. You don’t need import file because this plugin uses Blogger’s API….

Template Installer 4.3

Template Installer is a plugin for Movable Type that makes it easy to install new template sets for your blogs. Combined with Template Exporter plugin, this makes is very easy: For bloggers to share templates / widgets with others For…

Template Exporter 4.3

Template Exporter is a plugin for Movable Type that enables you to easily export your blog templates in a way that can be shared, distributed, or even sold to to others….

Sort Categories And Folders 4.3 Japanese only

This plugin enables you to sort categories and folders as you like. Usage: 1) Download zip file 2) Unzip downloaded file. 3) Upload unzipped folders to directory of Movable Type. 4) Log in to Movable Type. 5) Add ‘sort_method=”SortCatFld::Sort”’ attribute…

MT-Dispatch 4.3

MT-Dispatch is a Perl application and plugin for Movable Type that allows Movable Type to run under FastCGI with functional background tasks and optionally externally to the web server. It also runs periodic tasks like the publishing queue. The default…

AIM OpenID Login 4.3

Based on Byrne Reese’s WordPress OpenID Login plugin, this plugin uses Movable Type’s OpenID Login framework to add a custom tab to the commenter login screen. AIM users and visitors from other AOL properties can log in with their screen…

WordPress OpenID 4.3

This plugin utilizes Movable Type’s extensible Open Id Login framework to give a preferential and customized login experience for users on Movable Type blogs….

CrossPoster 4.3

CrossPoster is a brand new plugin for Movable Type 4 that allows you simultaneously post entries to different weblogs (on different platforms) from Movable Type: Personal bloggers enjoy keeping journals on services such as LiveJournal and Vox but find it…

MotionBased 4.3

This plugin integrates and your Movable Type blog. I love the MotionBased site but I wanted to post my GPS activities on my blog with at least a short description and a link to the full data set….

MT-Twitter 4.3

Heard of Twitter? Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates via SMS, instant messaging, the Twitter website or 3rd party applications. While I think Twitter is an interesting concept, I don’t like spreading…

MT-YouTube 4.3

Heard of YouTube? Of course you have. Well, this plugin will do a 1-way sync with your YouTube videos to your blog. Using the background tasks functionality in Movable Type, this plugin will query your YouTube account for your latest…

Comment Subscribe 4.3

Keeping users participating in a thread about comments being made by other readers is crucial to the success of a community. People with an opinion should be brought back time and time again to continue in sharing their ideas with others. Comment Subscribe helps your audience stay more engaged with one another, by notifying them via email when follow up comments are posted to entries they themselves leave comments on. Emails are received as users opt-in to receive them, and all emails allow users to easily unsubscribe from future emails.

Quote 4.3

Quote is a plugin for Movable Type that easily allows commentators to quote a previous comment. It uses AJAX/JSON to retrieve previous comments and enter their quoted text into comment boxes….

Trusted Commenters ?

This plugin enables you to trust commenters on you blog — without requiring them to login via TypeKey or other authentication service….

Add Category ?

Add Category is a simple MT Plugin that enables you to select multiple entries and add them to one or more categories at the same time. This can be a timesaver if you want to add a bunch of entries…

Blog Janitor 4.3

Blog Janitor is a plugin for Movable Type that preforms various clean-up tasks. Blog Janitor can perform the following tasks: Close comments on old entries. Delete duplicate comments and trackbacks Blog Janitor does his work automatically, you don’t need to…

Spam Firewall ?

Spam Firewall is a plugin that can help reduce the load cause by comment and trackback spam. The goal of Spam Firewall is to block 80% of spam attempts before they reach MT’s comment and trackback scripts. As the name…

Template Inheritance 4.3

Template Inheritance is a plugin for Movable Type that enables you to link templates together in a way that one template inherits its template code from another template. One example is when you have two or more blogs in your…

Comment Registration ?

Comment Registration is a plugin for Movable Type that enables readers to register an account on your site and login to post comments. Commenters register and login directly with your site, not via an external authentication service (this plugin does…

Ajax Rating 4.3

Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog. The “Pro” version of Ajax Rating lets you rate comments, trackbacks, categories, authors, tags, and just about anything else. Added features include…

Refeed 4.3

The Refeed plugin for Movable Type 4 (MT4) provides an easy way to pull in content stored in multiple external blogs and republish or “reblog” that content locally in Movable Type. It works by providing administrators with an interface into…

Dynamic Menus 4.3

The Dynamic Menus plugin for Movable Type 4 (MT4) hides inactive menu items in the MT4 user interface….

Navigation Breadcrumbs 4.3

The Navigation Breadcrumbs plugin for Movable Type 4 (MT4) adds navigation “breadcrumbs” to administration interface. These are links at the top of each screen that helps show you where you are in the interface, and provides links to go up…

Entry Post 4.3

Entry Post is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to your site to submit entries using a form. Visitors do not need a user account and they do not need to login (optionally, you can require that users…

Snip It 4.3

One of the new features introduced with Movable Type 4 is template snippets. These are small bits of template code that can be easily inserted using the drop down menu on the template editor. TextMate users will feel right at…

My Blogs 4.3

Movable Type 4 introduces a whole new dashboard with the focal point being tracking the activity across your blogs. For my personal MT install, however, this isn’t terribly useful (being the only author, I know my - albeit dismal -…

Template Shelf 4.3

Template Shelf is a plugin that every serious designer and site administrator should have. This plugin makes navigating between and editing your site’s templates a breeze by installing a simple plugin that sits in your template editing screens sidebar. This widget contains a list of all the templates currently installed in your system and allows you to access them quickly and easily.

AutoBan ?

AutoBan is an anti-junk plugin for use with the Apache webserver. It updates a .htaccess file to ban the IP addresses of junk sources. The list is generated from the junk objects stored in MT, providing for automatic aging. The…

Bookmarks 4.3

This plugins adds a “Bookmarks” menu to Movable Type 4’s menuing system. In this menu you can place links to all of your favorite and most frequently accessed pages within the application….

MT-Quicktags ?

Do you prefer to work directly with the HTML when writing a new entry? Are the simple formatting buttons in the MT interface simply not enough for you? MT-Quicktags is likely just the drink to quench your thirst. Despite all…

Publishing Buttons ?

Publishing Buttons simply provides one-click publishing or saving of your entry. It’s for people like me, who are just too lazy to click the dropdown box to change the status. Really, that’s all there is to it. This is a…

Wordometer Verified

When writing an entry, I like to have an idea of how long it is. I often use the Body as an article lead-in and try to keep it between 50 and 75 words, but when I start to throw…

Hot Date

Do you schedule entries, or otherwise modify the Entry Date field? Do you sometimes forget a leading zero, for example, to create a valid, two-digit hour field? Hot Date is just what you need: drop-down time selectors in 12-hour format…

Privacy 4.3

Privacy is a new plugin for Movable Type that allows you to define “read permissions” for assets in Movable Type (entries, categories and blogs). As a result, readers will first need to authenticate to be able to view the asset….

EnhancedEntryEditing ?

EnhancedEntryEditing makes editing and publishing entries in Movable Type much easier by implementing a A WYSIWYG Editor - EnhancedEntryEditing adds tinyMCE, one of the most powerful WYSIWYG editors available, to the Entry Body and Extended Entry fields so that you…

Comment Email Filter 4.3

Six Apart has offered Typekey authentication in Movable Type since version 3.0 and it’s is a great way to stop comment spam. However what if you don’t want to (or can’t) use it? Comment Email Filter, a new plugin for…

SVGfix ?

This plugin converts ordinary namespace well-formed XHTML+MathML+SVG into the peculiar format demanded by the W3C Validator. The plugin adds a global filter, which you can use in your templates: <MTEntryBody svg_fix=”1”> As a bonus, the plugin does the conversion handled…

MTPaginate ?

Some web pages generated by Movable Type may grow quite large. For example, a category archive with hundreds of entries or an individual entry archive with dozens of comments may become unmanageably large. The MTPaginate plugin makes it possible for…

MTSearchPlus ?

The built-in MovableType search allows you to search entries and/or comments for user-specified text. However, you have no control over which parts of your entries and comments are searched and when listing search results using the built-in template tags, it…

Validate ?

Validates entries or comments against a local copy of the W3C Validator. (Original 0.1 version by Alexei Kosut.)…

NumericEntitites ?

Converts XHTML and MathML named entities to Numeric Character References. This makes it safe to send XHTML+MathML to XHTML User-Agents (Safari, Opera, etc.) which may not have full MathML support….


Provides two text-filters, converting embedded itex (a dialect of LaTeX) equations into MathML. Bundled with the optional TextileMarkdownMML plugin, which allows you to use itex equations in Textile or Markdown….

Widon't for Movable Type 4.3

Widon’t for Movable Type is a plugin to prevent widows from appearing in titles and entry headers. Widows are single words, left on their lonesome on a line at the end of a paragraph, and generally look poo. Widon’t simply…

dirifyES ?

DirifyES merges both dirify-unicode and dirify-plus. The purpose for dirifyES is to solve a bug in Dirifyplus with unicode languages. Of course, dirifyunicode gives you unicode support. But the main problem with dirify-unicode is that features are worse than those…

Recent Images ?

MTRecentImages is used to work with the most recent images in the posts on your weblog. You could use this to make a list of the most recent images as a sidebar, an ATOM or RSS feed, or to simply…

Better File Uploader 4.3

Better File Uploader is a plugin that replaces and improves upon the Movable Type file upload tool. Multiple file uploading and 1-click uploading put a focus on speed and efficiency Resize on Upload keeps all images sized appropriately Watermarking ensures…

NoHarvester 4.3

A popular way for comment spammers to get their job done is to automatically harvest comment forms and forward the data to zombie computers who do the spamming. If you’re getting a lot of spam comments to the same blog…

Smilies ?

Do you like seeing those little smiley emoticons in other people’s blog? Then Smilies is the plugin for you! This plugin will add 13 smiley faces to your Movable Type Edit Entry screen. With a click, you can add any…

Icon-o-matic ?

Icon-o-matic is a plugin for Movable Type that allows you to easily insert any image into an entry , and any commenter to insert an image into their comment . To restate: Icon-o-matic allows you to easily re-use any image…

PeriodicVacuum ?

Because of lack of autovacuum feature, Movable Type databases, especially SQLite databases, grow large and large, even if you delete spam trackbacks and comments occasionally. To solve this problem, PeriodicVacuum plugin allows you to automatically perform ”vacuum” operation once a…

Captcha 4.3

“Captcha Plugin” is an anti comment-spam plugin which generates and verifies CAPTCHA tests that most human commenters can easily pass but current spambots cannot pass….

Delicious Tags ?

This plugin allows you to import and display your tags into your MT blogs….

EntryCategoryEntries ?

EntryCategoryEntries plugin allows you to list entries included in the primary category of the current entry. This plugin can be used only in the entry context, which means the inside of the MTEntries container or the individual entry archives….

TagSupplementals 4.3

TagSupplementals Plugin provides useful and supplemental “tagging” features, such as mt:RelatedEntries, mt:RelatedTags, mt:ArchiveTags, mt:TagLastUpdated, and so on. In particular, mt:RelatedEntries allows you to present recommended entries to viewers and make the bounce rate on your site lower, probably ;-)…

Tagwire ?

Tagwire Plugin provides an easier way to handling “tags” in Movable Type 3.1x and 3.2….

Update-n-Ping ?

Update-n-Ping plugin enables MT to send update pings when updating published entries and adding newly published entries….


PromoteThis! is a plugin for Movable Type that makes it easy for Movable Type users to add links to their favorite social bookmarking and promotion services like Digg.

Fast Search 4.3

Fast Search is a PHP plugin that uses Movable Type’s dynamic PHP-based publishing system to display search results. For many sites - especially ones with a large number of entries - Fast Search can provide faster searching with lower CPU…

KeywordsAsTags 4.3

Now Movable Type supports tagging features natively. But, existing XMLRPC/AtomPP-based blogging tools such as ecto and MarsEdit cannot employ tagging, because they don’t recognize how to add tags to entries via XMLRPC or AtomPP at this moment. To make it…

NotifyWho?! Verified

The NotifyWho?! plugin enables you to control exactly who should receive entry, comment and TrackBack notifications for each blog and when.

Favicon ?

Favicon is a plugin for Movable Type that adds favicons to comments and trackbacks. Favicons are small icons shown in the browsers location bar for better identification of a website….

NewEntryTemplate 4.3

Allows setting global or per-blog default content for entry text fields….

IfCommenterEmailIs ?

This plugin adds a new MovableType conditional tag named MTIfCommenterEmailIs. The aim is to recognise a commenter by its email address. It accepts two arguments: email (mandatory) and trusted. If trusted is set to 1 then the comment must also…

AddComment ?

This is a Movable Type plugin that allows adding comments right from Movable Type’s backend. It adds a “Add A Comment” form in the “Comments” tab when editing an entry. As a bonus, it also adds a “Add A Trackback”…

Macron 4.3

Adds a button above the entry editing area to easily add a macron to any character. A macron is a “mark placed over a vowel to indicate that the vowel is long” (Webster). It can be used for example in…

LivePreview ?

Movable Type already has entry previewing functionality built in but it is extremely restrictive. It only shows you three fields (title, entry body and extended entry) and you have no idea what it will look like on your weblog, amongst…

Geocoded Locate ?

This plug-in is used to the output location information (WGS84 lat/long) stored in the keywords field of each entry in many different formats.

Webiki 4.3

Put a Wiki word in the keywords of a post and have the word auto-linked to that post in other posts.

Seeker ?

Seeker offers PHP-powered searching across all Movable Type weblog entries. Features include MySQL full-text and boolean search, paginated search results, automatic redirection, and entry highlighting. Seeker is currently available as Pre-Alpha software. Features are still being defined (or re-defined). In…

DynamicSmartyPants ?

Translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities in DYNAMIC templates.

FlickrPhotos 4.3

Flickr photos is a plugin that enables you to display thumbnail links of Flickr photos in your Movable Type blog. Flickr Photos focuses on displaying lists of photos, in many possible ways….

GeoLocation ?

Geo Location is a plugin to enable blog entries to contain geo-location information. It is based on Yuri Takhteyev’s entry location plugin. Geo Location is part of the Locative Blog project….

MT Protect ?

MT Protect finally gives you the ability to protect entries and blogs within Movable Type in three different ways: Password protection - protect your entries or blogs with a password which readers must correctly enter to gain access. Typekey protection…

Tool for adding new default templates ?

In MT 3.2, if we want to provide our own default templates to authors/blogs, we should put *.tmpl files to (mt home)/default_templates/ folder, and add some infomation to (mt home)/lib/MT/ by hands. More completely, we should add some digest info…

Cool IRI for a permalink ?

This plugin makes your permalinks as Cool IRI, even if your preferred language doesn’t use US-ASCII. The World Wide Web has been mainly constructed with US-ASCII, even for URL. But in now and future, WWW will shift from US-ASCII only…

Notifier 4.3

MT-Notifier extends the notification process by allowing subscriptions to individual entries, across categories and even entire blogs, so that visitors to your site can keep up with not only with comments that are left, but what is happening anywhere on your entire installation.

GadaBe ?

MT-GadaBe is designed to help you integrate your site with the metasearch service. Once installed, you can add MT-GadaBe search terms to your entry keywords field, and then make use of template tags to automate the process of creating…

BigTemplateWindow ?

In MT’s template editing window, you can use TAB key, change text font-size, turn on/off wrapping, and refer/insert all MT tags as well as all tags of installed plugins….


Junk or moderate feedbacks (comments and TrackBacks) with only ASCII or Latin-1 characters….

PowerRebuild ?

PowerRebuild is a plugin that allows you to rebuild comments, trackbacks, templates and blogs by simply choosing the items you wish to rebuild and clicking a button….

QuickImagePost ?

Enables one-click publishing of an image-embeded entry. Also in Firefox/Mozilla, you can use right-click context menu….

Ccode and TCode 4.3

This plugin is for blocking feedback spams by adding an additional CCode(hidden ct input field) or adding TCode to original tb ID in tb URL, and then obfuscating that Code for the purpose of not easily guessing it….

PoeticForm ?

PoeticForm is a text-to-HTML filter; it translates an easy-to-read / easy-to-write structured text format into HTML. PoeticForm’s text format is that of printed poetry where the expected form is lines grouped in stanzas. The final line of the entry may…

recently_pinged_on ?

The default MTEntries container tag does not have a function listing up recent incoming TB pings, as opposed to recent incoming comments. This plugin adds “recentlypingedon” option to MTEntries and allows you to list up recent incoming pings as like…

ProjectHoneyPot ?

Automated installation of the distributed Project Honey Pot network to catch harvesters who steal email addresses from your website, and comment spammers who fill your pages with garbage….

reBlog Verified

Reblog is a Movable Type plugin that parses Atom and RSS feeds and transforms feed entries into Movable Type entries. Imports can be run either manually or in the background using run-periodic-tasks.

DisguiseTrackbackURL ?

Thwarts SpamBots by disguising the TrackBackURL. No new template tags provided or needed….

Media Manager 4.3

Media Manager provides users and authors within Movable Type and Melody with the ability to search and insert media from a number of popular remote services like Amazon and YouTube. Using Media Manager one can open a dialog, enter a few search terms, select the book, DVD or video and optionally insert it into a blog post.

TruncateURL ?

Lots of built-in MT tags, such as MTEntryPermalink or MTArchiveLink, always generate canonical URLs (e.g. http://www.domain.tld/blog/index.html). It is sometimes inconvenient because generated HTML files grow large and make hard to distinguish between internal links and external links. MTTruncateURL Plugin allows…

ModCheck ?

Have you ever tried to install a plugin on your Movable Type-powered site, only to not have it work, and be left wondering if a required Perl module is installed? Wonder no more. With MT-ModCheck, you can easily run a…

Moderate 4.3

MT-Moderate provides additional functionality for your Movable Type-powered site, which enhances the feedback by enabling additional control over how the feedback is processed. Notably options are provided where both comments and trackbacks can be either moderated or junked based on…

SomeDays 4.3

SomeDays is designed to allow the creation of various date containers within your Movable Type-powered site. These are similar to the calendar functions that you can use with the standard template tags, but almost infinitely more powerful, allowing you to…

KoalaRainbow ?

KoalaRainbow is a visualization engine for MovableType. It consists of a query language that allows users a good deal of freedom to construct the data they wish to visualize, and a procedural mechanism for visualizing that data. Features XPath-like query…

StripControlChars ?

Fixes control characters inadvertently entered into entries or comments by pasting text containing “smart quotes,” etc. This plugin is relevant only to blogs whose character-encoding is iso-8859-1. If you’re using utf-8, you probably aren’t encountering the problem this plugin set…

NumberSpell ?

Spells out numbers. 1 becomes one, 22 becomes twenty two, etc. <$MTEntryCommentCount number_spell="1"$> comments…

BetterSpamProtect ?

Movable Type weblog entry and comment authors often link their name to their their email address. Movable Type has a spam_protect feature to protect these addresses against harvesting by spam spiders. This feature, unfortunately, is not effective. This plug-in upgrades…

NowPlaying ?

This plugin will allow you to publish what song you are listening to on iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp at the time you write a blog entry. <p class="posted"> <MTNowPlayingIf name="title"> I was listening to <MTNowPlayingIf name="urlamazon"> <a href="<$MTNowPlaying…

RelativeURL ?

The built-in URL tags, such as MTEntryPermalink or MTArchiveLink create canonical URLs in the form of and Sometimes it is convenient to use relative URLs in the form of index.htm and archives/Photos.htm. This plugin contains tags and a…

ImageInfo ?

Display image EXIF data along with image on weblog page. Especially useful with digital camera pictures, which often store a lot of EXIF data (time stamp, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO setting, white balance, etc.) inside each picture. <ul> <MTImageInfo img="[MTBlogSitePath]/images/BrokenWindow.jpg"…

CategoryCommentCount 4.3

Movable Type includes templates for the total number of comments in a blog (MTBlogCommentCount) and the total number of comments on an entry (MTEntryCommentCount). But there is no similar template tag for the total number of comments in a category….

TidyText ?

A text-formatting plugin that uses HTML Tidy to make valid XHTML and HTML for blog entries in Movable Type [select from Text Formatting menu] <$MTEntryBody tidy=”1”$> <MTTidy><$MTEntryBody$></MTTidy>…

TagInvoke ?

MovableType tags use attributes to modify their behavior. For example, the MTEntries tag uses the lastn attribute to specify how many entries to display. In some situations, you would like to be able to use MT tags to specify the…

TextWrap ?

Wrap text into lines of a specified length. <MTTextWrap initialtab="&lt;br&gt;" subsequenttab="&lt;br&gt;" columns="40"> <$MTEntryBody$> <$MTEntryMore$> </MTTextWrap>…

MT-Ellipsis ?

This filter is used to trim and add an ellipsis (…) to a given string published from Movable Type. If the string is less than the given length, the string remains unchanged. <$MTCommentBody ellipsis="70"$>…

ExcerptWords ?

Global filter that creates an excerpt consisting of the first n words in the tag, followed by “…” if the tag was truncated. <$MTCommentBody excerpt_words="10"$>…

SCode ?

SCode is an anti-spam plugin that generates a CAPTCHA (or security image) that commenters must enter whilst commenting, this verifies that the comment was made by a human being and not using a spambot. CAPTCHAs are used on several other…

Outliner ?

MT-Outliner is built to allow you to easily integrate your existing subscriptions with your site by use of a standard OPML file. Many newsreaders, both standalone and online, support the use of these files, and MT-Outliner allows you to import…

DecodeURL ?

Adds a global filter decodeurl, which is the reverse of encodeurl. I use it to take search terms from referring URL’s and make them readable. &lt;$MTPingURL decode_url="1"$&gt;…

Amputator ?

Converts stray ampersands to entity references, useful for making sure your published pages are valid HTML/XML. <$MTBlogEntry encode_ampersands=”1”>…

MT-W3CValidator ?

This plugin will validate your web pages on the fly when published from Movable Type. The validation is done live against the W3C’s Markup Validation Service by sending your newly published page. A compliant page will then include a badge…

ShortTitle ?

This is a plugin that provides the tag that returns the short title for blog entry. The short title, by default, returns the entry title. This title can be overridden in the keyword field. The title in the keyword field…

Acronym ?

Acronym is a plugin for Movable Type that adds acronym tags to known acronyms. This text: This is a XHTML test becomes This is a >acronym title=”Extensible HyperText Markup Language”<XHTML>/acronym< test which in the web browser is shown like this:…

CategoryOfArchive ?

This plugin can be used in a Category Archive template to give you access to the archive’s category tags….

SimpleTemplate ?

Movable Type templates aren’t too difficult to write, but they can be difficult to read. So I’ve whipped up another plugin to fix that. Simple Template is a plugin that provides an alternative syntax for Movable Type templates. Tags made…

DaylightOrStandard ?

Display text depending on whether or not a date falls within Daylight Savings Time. <$MTEntryDate format="%B %d, %Y %H:%M"$> <$MTDaylightOrStandard daylight="EDT" standard="EST"$>…

OptimizeHTML ?

Container tag that reduces the size of your HTML page by stripping out unneccessary white space, HTML comments, etc. <MTOptimizeHTML> <html> <head> … … </body> </html> </MTOptimizeHTML>…

Exception ?

Sometimes re-building a page may fail for various reasons at which time MovableType reports an error. The tags in this plugin allow you to handle errors that occur during the building stage of your pages. The tags are modeled after…

IncludePlus ?

Advanced options for the default MTInclude built into MT. Allows you to use MovableType tags when specifying which file to include. <MTIncludeFile>header.txt</MTIncludeFile>…

CheckLinks ?

This plugin implements a set of template tags for identifying invalid link URLs within entries. If your site has been around for a while, a few or many of the pages you’ve linked to in the past may have ceased…

Collate ?

The listing tags that are built in to MovableType (MTEntries, MTCategories, etc.) have limited number of sorting options. For example, while you may sort entries chronologically, it is not possible to sort them descending by date, while ascending by time….

Obfuscate ?

The MTObfuscate tag and obfuscate filter allow you to encode portions of your webpage into a quasi-random string that is emitted using Javascript. Obfuscated content should be safe from spam harvesters and search engines, but will appear as regular HTML…

Timer ?

Displays the time it took for MovableType to build your page, or portions of your page. <MTTimerStart name="entries"> <MTEntries> <MTTimerStart name="entry"> … <MTTimerValue name="entry">, <MTTimerValue name="entries"> </MTEntries> <pre><MTTimerValue name="entries" clock="stats"></pre>…

Quote of the Day ?

Generate a random Quote of the Day from an Internet server. No need to create your own quote files. <$MTQotd$>…

Collect ?

Collect, collate, and display HTML tags that appear in your entries. <MTCollect tags=”a”> <MTEntries lastn=”20”> <MTCollectThis><$MTEntryBody$></MTCollectThis> </MTEntries> <MTCollected tags=”a” lastn=”10” show_local=”1”> <a href=”<$MTCollectedAttr attr=”href”$>”> <$MTCollectedAttr attr=”href”$></a><br /> </MTCollected> </MTCollect>…

ExcludeCategories ?

Creates a new tag called MTEntriesExCat. When used in place of MTEntries, this tag excludes all posts from the categories specified in the "categories" attribute….

MTCgi ?

Parameter tags for templates invoked dynamically by a CGI such as mt-search.cgi or mt-view.cgi. <MTCgiParams> <MTCgiParamName>: <MTCgiParamValue encode_html="1"><br /> </MTCgiParams>…

itex2MML ?

For Math equations in entries - compose posts in itex, and converts them to XHTML+MathML, which advanced browsers like Mozilla can render. $\sin(\theta)\cos(\theta)= \frac{1}{2}\sin(2\theta)$ is an inline equation. [ \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} e^{-x^2} dx = \sqrt{\pi} ] is a display equation….

Validate ?

Validates your templates/documents based on the w3 validator <MTValidate> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <title><$MTBlogName$>: <$MTEntryTitle$></title> </head> <body> <h3 class="title"><$MTEntryTitle$></h3> <$MTEntryBody$> <a name="more"></a> <$MTEntryMore$> </body> </html> </MTValidate>…

Template ?

Show templates or template excerpts on your site. <pre><$MTTemplateContents templatename="Individual Archive" blogname="Journal" escape_html="1"$> </pre>…

Speling ?

This plugin adds spell-checking capabilities to a Movable Type weblog. It adds a global filter that allows any template tag output to be spell-checked, and provides tags for fully-customizable suggestion output….

Grid ?

Adds tags to make tables or containers from data inside of MT. <table> <MTGrid num_columns=”3”> <MTEntries> <MTGridCell> <MTGridIfLeftColumn><tr></MTGridIfLeftColumn> <td> <a href=”<$MTEntryPermalink$>”><$MTEntryTitle$></a><br/> <$MTEntryExcerpt$> </td> <MTGridIfRightColumn></tr></MTGridIfRightColumn> </MTGridCell> </MTEntries> <MTGridTrailingCells> <MTGridIfLeftColumn></tr></MTGridIfLeftColumn> <td> </td> <MTGridIfRightColumn></tr></MTGridIfRightColumn> </MTGridTrailingCells> </MTGrid> </table>…

RandomLine ?

This plugin gives you a new Movable Type template tag: . This tag will extract and display one or more random lines from either a text file, or a Movable Type template module. For example, you could create a list…

Supplemental Calendar Tags ?

Adds several tags for expanding the MTCalendar — allows for offset calendars and dates. <MTCalendarEx> all calendar tags here </MTCalendarEx>…

XmlRpcFilter ?

Adds a container tag for use in templates which allows for processing of Wiki formatting….

WikiFormat ?

This plugin adds a container tag to MovableType that formats its contents via CPAN:Text::WikiFormat. This formatting is independant of any particular Wiki:WikiClone, but it can be supplied with a URL to a wiki to which Wiki:WikiWords should be linked. This…

GlobalListings ?

Adds container tags for listing Entries, Comments, Pings, and Categories throughout the entire installation of MT. This can also be set to include or exclude specific blogs. <MTGlobalEntries include_blogs=”3,4,6”> —MTEntry* tags here— </MTGlobalEntries> <MTGlobalComments lastn=”5” offset=”5”> —MTComments* tags here— </MTGlobalComments>…

MTEntryIfComments ?

MovableType has conditional tags that are true when entries and pings are enabled. The following tags allow you to test whether comments or pings exist. MTEntryIfComments MTEntryIfPings MTEntryIfCommentsPings…

PerlScript ?

This plugin enables , a tag for Movable Type templates. If you know how to write Perl code, this custom tag gives you remarkable flexibility in producing pages from Movable Type. You can literally do any kind of manipulation you…

WarnDie ?

Allows users to halt or cancel building processes with customizable messages. <MTWarn> Building Entry: <MTEntryTitle> </MTWarn>…

Compare ?

This Movable Type plugin implements a set of template tags for displaying a portion of a template conditionally, depending on the results of a comparison between values. The values compared can be literal strings or numbers, or they can be…

ExtendedAttribute ?

This plugin gives you a new template tag: . This tag allows you to associate additional fields and values with Movable Type Blogs, Categories, Entries, and Authors. These additional fields and values can be stored either in a data file…

SQL 4.3

The MTSQL tag can use SELECT statements like MySQL and PHP statements can. <MTSQLEntries query=”select entryid from mtentry where entry_title like ‘%Movable Type%’”> <a href=”<MTEntryLink>”><MTEntryTitle></a><br /> </MTSQLEntries>…

Supplemental Category Tags ?

This plugin provides additional tags for Movable Type categories. Tags made available through this plugin: : Container tag for finding the next category relative to the current entry category or archived category. : Container tag for finding the previous category…

Regex ?

Uses regular expressions to accomplish replacement and other advanced text manipulation. <MTAddRegex>s|:-D|<img src=”/images/smiley.gif” height=”32” width=”32”>|g</MTAddRegex>…

Process Tags ?

Allows MT tags to be processed inside of inside-of-MT fields. <MTCategoryDescription process_tags=”1”>…

OnThisDay ?

Display the info about the entries which were posted on this day in previous years. <MTOnThisDay><MTEntries lastn=”8”> <MTDateHeader> <a href=”<$MTEntryLink archive_type=”Daily”$>”> <$MTEntryDate format=”%Y”$>:</a><br /> </MTDateHeader> <div class=”side”><$MTEntryTitle$></div> </MTEntries></MTOnThisDay>…

Macros ?

Use MT to do easy frequently used pieces of information like smilies or favorite links. <MTMacroDefine name=”smile1” string=”:-)”> <img src=”” height=”15” width=”15”></MTMacroDefine> <MTMacroDefine name=”trk” string=”:trk:”> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>the <span style=”color:#c30000;”>red</span> kitchen</a> </MTMacroDefine>…

KeyValues ?

This plugin allows you to store key/value pairs of data in your Movable Type fields. These values can be extracted and used in your templates in a very flexible manner. Tags made available through this plugin: : Container tag for…

IfEmpty ?

Allows for different options if a field is empty or not empty. <MTIfEmpty var=”EntryTitle”>(untitled)</MTIfEmpty> <$MTEntryTitle$> or: <MTIfNotEmpty expr=”[MTEntries days=’1’]1[/MTEntries]”> We have fresh entries! </MTIfNotEmpty>…

FirstNWords ?

Container tag which allows use of a similar command to MTEntries words=”N” in any field. <MTFirstNWords n=”5”> <$MTCategoryDescription$> </MTFirstNWords>……

EmbedImage ?

Uses Image::Magick to create modifications of images. Looks great for a photoblog, but hasn’t been tested yet. <MTEmbedImage basename=”images/[MTEntryID]” height=”40” thumbsuffix=”-40”> <a href=”<MTEntryLink>”> <img src=”<MTEmbedImageThumbFilename>” width=”<MTEmbedImageThumbWidth>” height=”<MTEmbedImageThumbHeight>” alt=”<MTEmbedImageThumbSize measure=”k”>k” hspace=”5” border=”0” /></a> </MTEmbedImage>…

DropCap ?

Uses a table with the first letter or an image to provide a drop cap image for each paragraph. <MTDropCap case=”lower”> <MTDropCapFormat> <img align=”left” src=”/images/letters/<$MTDropCapLetter$>.gif”> </MTDropCapFormat> <$MTEntryBody$> </MTDropCap>…

DateTags ?

A wide variety of calendar/Date related tags. <MTEntries> <MTIfDateNotEqual target=”[MTDate format=’%m/%d/%Y’]”> <p><$MTEntryTitle$></p> </MTIfDateNotEqual> </MTEntries>…

Columnize ?

This plugin implements a set of template tags for displaying text in multiple columns. Your text will be broken up into approximately equal portions, and the HTML formatting you specify (i.e. a table cell) will be repeated once for each…